Creativity must be oriented towards problem solving!

Your product or service has more value when it actually serves to improve people’s lives.


Everyone has an idea of ​​a company they would like to set up, a product they would like to create, or a service they would like to offer. Everyone has a little entrepreneur, a little inventor, and a latent desire to do more than usual, more than ordinary.

We are made in the image of a God who is creative and a revolutionary son. Perhaps that is why there is a need for so many people to create something new, have dreams, feel the desire to bring new things into existence.

God created everything there and saw that it was good. But what makes a creation good? That’s where we want to go.


Every year we receive hundreds of new companies, products/business plans and we see in each one a major difference: those created to serve people, and those created to be just a means of making money. Nothing wrong with taking an opportunity to make money. We have learned, however, that companies that serve people and serve their needs well are the ones that will get the best results and the longest life. When the love for what is made home with a problem to be solved in the market, the company will be much more useful in the environment and add value to the brand over time.


It is not just doing what you like, but doing what you like, in order to meet the consumer’s desires, and with excellence.

Have you ever been attended by someone who was not in the least willing to solve your problem? Or have you bought something that didn’t work as promised? You sure remember it well. In contrast, how happy we are when we find a company or service provider that truly exceeds expectations and goes beyond what we asked for or expected …


May we be those, similar to God who does much more than we ask or think. May our companies be like Christ said: Whoever wants to be first, serve everyone.