From Texas to Macneeds

Another multinational company arrives at MacNeeds advertising, this time Inobag, part of the group of private companies with headquarters in the state of Texas, USA.

Providing the best solutions in the industrial logistics sector, through the development of innovative technologies and challenging market standards in terms of cost reductions, gains in productivity, and reduction of environmental impacts in the packing segment.

Inobag is a Pioneer in flexible packaging solutions with the automatic process and serves several companies that, through their personalized packaging technology, can create specific packaging for each item of their production, without the need to make large volumes of packaging in advance by product.
The American group companies are leaders in the market in which they operate and specialize in
Logistics automation
Automatic packing process
Flexible packaging
Packing Machine
The productivity of the logistics process

The first MacNeeds advertisement for Inobag is already on the air, aimed at promoting MV% X, one of the fastest machines created by the company.