MacNeeds creates another company in the United States

International attendance at MacNeeds propaganda continues. This time with the creation from the name to the logo, corporate identity, packaging, gifts, web, and social media. Tatysserie, a mix of ‘patisserie’ + Taty (chef and owner).

From the pandemic, an opportunity was born, which ended up becoming a company and already started right away. The United States is known by the term Junky Food. Canned goods, fast foods, and lots of processed foods are common in the daily lives of many Americans.

Tatysserie arrived to supply this niche, providing what is most lacking: healthy food, made by hand, with fresh ingredients and delivered to homes.

At a time when everyone is at home, nothing is more comfortable than receiving cakes, pizzas, snacks, baked goods, and several other options, homemade and made to order to the customer’s taste!

Check out some images and the Mother’s Day video, created by MacNeeds advertisement!