Personal Brand Management

Personal Brand Management

Personal branding is the management of the brand/image of a person, positioning them in a way to explain what they have to offer, and then work on that image.

Consciously or not, we are always analyzing the people around us and perceiving them differently, based on the way they dress, speak, etc.

By establishing a personal brand, we create an image on people’s minds, a direction for what we need them to perceive.

In many professionals’ cases, they are the ‘product’ itself to be publicized, which makes it even more crucial to invest in personal brand management.

It’s necessary to define how the professional wants to be remembered and who their persona is. We also need to determine if their identity matches their public perception, as to adjust what is divulged in order to properly convey the desired image.

Telling the professional’s life story to add value and generate identification with people is part of this work.

And finally, one must never stifle originality.
Brand management is not about creating a fictional character to sell; rather, it’s about being true, about working on your image while being faithful to your beliefs and values.

For example, in this post we can find the story of Mario Simões – a soccer player in the US – whose career highlights have been compiled in this video.