Santo Limão

The creation of a new business requires many steps, from the idea to the structure, from the raw material to the final product, points of sale, and various calculations of cost/profit/investment/staff/commissions/table/cash flow, etc., etc. But all of this is done behind the scenes.

Finally, the company/product will need to be launched to the public, hit the streets, be desired, tried, approved, create demand. That’s where we come in. Marketing and advertising need to be part of the daily life of the company since before birth, because it is these competencies that will make the brand grow, grow, spread, and stay alive in people’s minds.

Unfortunately, most companies do not have this mentality and suffer until many disappear. The opposite case, which has already started right, comes in this short video where we created from the name to the visual identity of the whole company, including sales brigade, support material, point of sale, product packaging, natural product stamps, combos of face-to-face and online sales, etc.

Gifts such as bottles, glasses, and supermarket bags show the brand’s environmental concern, which starts operations in Ilha Bela São Paulo and is already born with the house in order. Tip to enter this holiday season smashing!

Know more about our client at @santolimaolimonadas