Repositioning Alubra / Rio Grande do Sul

The MacNeeds DMS 40 Years campaign goes live
4 de February de 2021
New Tartanero Site
23 de March de 2021

MacNeeds propaganda creates the new positioning of Alubra – Rio Grande do Sul. After developing the new identity for the industry that completes 15 years on the road, the new speech pattern and a creative line that connects the company with the market in a much more personal way was developed. The ‘models’ of communication become the real people who work at Alubra, from employees, to owners and family members.

The tradition ingrained in the success story of the manufacturer of high-end frames starts to be exposed and valued in materials. Honoring the founders and those who built the foundations of the business, becomes a highlight. A demonstration to the market, that Alubra values ​​partnerships, friends, customers and each person who enters its trajectory.