Talk to your customer!

It is not a secret, but always good to remember. Social networks have shown and reaffirmed the importance of creating a relationship with your customers. Creating a community of people around your brand and maintaining an informal, daily, practical and real proximity to this community is what has fueled many companies.

Prevented from maintaining the face-to-face actions of yesteryear, many businesses have valued social channels with the importance they have.

This constant communication with the public not only discloses their actions and products but also demonstrates their availability and facilitates empathy. The customer is constantly reminded that you exist and feels closer and encouraged to contact you.

An example of this is the piece of this news, a simple and practical video of tips of the week for the Mimi brand. Without make-up or firula, it shows that anyone can establish a communication channel with customers, and take another step towards them.

By MacNeeds