Differential: which one is yours?

Being an expert on something is increasingly important for professionals and companies. Doing what most competitors already do is a recipe for becoming just one more in the business.
Either you are soooo good and you stand out for your excellence over time and word of mouth, or you work to specialize in something that most of the competition does not do and thus has a differential.

In the case of Bem Estar pela Movimento, a MacNeeds client, it was the combination of the two.

Professionals Ana Lúcia Campos and Lizis Biancardi Tahara, work on physical health with a unique approach, which is not characterized either as a gym, as pilates, or anything that is commonly known. They work on awareness of the body through movement, and how to use movement to work on fitness and health as a whole.

In addition, customers can take classes online, using objects that are already around them on a daily basis, such as bed, chairs, pillows, in short, whatever they have at hand. This is an example of excellence in what is done, differential and adaptive intelligence to adapt to the scenario of social detachment, which has affected the entire fitness industry in the world.