Ponte Preta Family of Mascots

MacNeeds Advertising is the agency that created the Ponte Preta mascots. The family consists of the famous ‘’Macaca da ponte’’, the Gorilla, and their two children. The creation renewed the old mascot and brought in the strength of the gorilla, already requested by fans for a long time. In addition to that, the couple now has two children, who came to complete the family and bring in junior fans to the club. Macneeds’ creation opened the doors for a more friendly communication between the Club and its fans, allowing the mascots to be utilized in various environments, such as Women’s Day, Father’s Day, general notices and even a comic book for school trips to the club.

With the creation of Ponte Preta’s mascots, Macneeds Advertising also promoted the creation of various merchandising materials, such as games, clothing, school supplies, gifts, glasses, backpacks and an extensive line of products licensed with the Macaca family.