Lecture with Mac-Lizard

Despite how funny the following situation was, we all took it as a lesson: one afternoon, our lights came on and attracted a large audience of insects. It was a new potential consumer market generated in the region. Realizing this, many noticed the demand and became aware of new opportunities. Among birds and other animals willing to explore, there was the Mac-Lizard…

At first she stood still, analyzing the customer, watching and learning its habits, behaviors and anxieties… Then it formulated its action plan and positioned itself to, literally, grab a slice of this market. That’s what happens at MacNeeds every day.

Many people and companies come to us with a business or product idea, but only those who remain connected to the market, carefully study their target audience, and have a focus on what they want to achieve, are successful. Before setting up companies and products, investing time / money and expectations, it is necessary to study and plan properly, to predict what can go wrong and be aware that it will all take much effort.

We seek to never promise or foster ideas of easy-coming profit, or million-dollar deals that go something like ”I won’t need to do anything, overnight I’ll be making millions…” That’s not the reality. If you want to get market share, learn from the lizard. you’ll often have to climb the walls ”to get things done”, but it will be worth it in the end.