October is the month of MacNeeds Propaganda birthday

10 de September de 2021
Brand Creation: Frutificado
11 de October de 2021

We officially started on October 10, 1994, without imagining how far we would go and everything we would go through. Since then there have been challenges and adventures that started in the pre-internet era, where everything was done by hand, sent by fax and taken to bureaus and media by motoboy in the early morning hours… Everything was more difficult and slower, which it left more room for creativity.

When today’s immediacy and much less technology did not exist, companies really needed to be creative and innovative to be able to stand out with differentiated actions. If we needed an image, there was no other way than to hire a model, location, team, photographer or video producers…

Today, what people do directly from their cell phones took weeks to get. But enough about these things… Today we want to register our thanks here. Our immense gratitude for being here firm and strong, in a scenario where so many professional colleagues have closed their doors a long time ago…

It was not for our capacity that we remained and we are going towards 30 years of agency, but exclusively for the mercy of the One who sustains us every day, our Beloved Father. Thanks to every customer, employee, friend, and partner who helped put a little piece on this MacNeeds path.

May more decades come around and we can contribute to each company that comes to us. Congratulations to all and to God all Glory.