Brand Creation: Frutificado

The creation of a brand is a task that sometimes has purely static and objective goals, but often has a much deeper personal meaning. For the Frutificado juice brand, we created a brand concept that brings together several elements:

– The angel represents the sanctified, pure, good – it reflects the commitment that the brand’s creators made in developing a quality and nutritious product, without artificial additives. A product that parents can safely give to their children.

– The bottle, which is the selling product itself, was inspired by the silhouette of an angel: the tip forms its halo, which connects to the base of the bottle to shape the angel’s robe.

– An element representing the fruit, which is the basis of Frutificado products.

– And the heart, symbolizing all the care that the brand wants to present in the creation of its formulas.

Thus, MacNeeds advertising brings another brand to the world, and here you can follow its creation, from concept to drafts and finalization. Not all brands have their creative meanings revealed to the public, but for the “parents of the child”, they are more than important: they are essential.