Social Media for Business

It’s no mystery that social media has become the new way for companies to communicate with their followers. Each post has the potential to reach thousands of people in a fraction of a second, and advertisements travel quickly across the network, also spreading to friends of friends… and so on. Despite having a strong appeal for personal posts such as ‘’ look at me here drinking wine in a fancy restaurant’’   today we are here to talk about the professional goals of using this tool.

A few days ago we saw the market panic when Instagram went down for a few hours. Market instability, impact on sales, millions of ‘moneys’ lost around the world. This no longer happens with traditional media. Nobody notices if a network television channel goes off the air, if a radio or billboard goes down. This showcases the importance that social media has taken around the world in its professional use, directly linked to sales.

Even so, every day we receive companies that are not present on social media and have never even looked at this tool. Today, it is no longer a matter of wanting it or not, but showing oneself present in the media where people are. Whether for the purpose of direct product sales or just for institutional promotion, it should be part of the brands’ routines to monitor and participate in this direct dialogue that was established with people. This demonstrates that your brand remains in tune, connected to the behavior of consumers and that it adapts to the languages ​​they are using.

Update yourself, your brand must be alive and keep continuously touching the day-to-day of your potential audiences.