Brand Value

What we know as brand equity is this intangible differentiating effect, which gives a competitive advantage and makes users prefer your product over others.

By themselves, brands become the most valuable assets of a company. In fact, achieving this is one of the biggest goals for companies. Worldwide, Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are examples of companies that have already made it.

That’s why taking good care of your brand, from birth to the line of creation and speech, is an investment! Many brands have an even greater value than all the company’s assets…

A strong and consolidated brand helps to carry out many projects. They help to leverage sales and even leave an area to start to embrace other segments. A clothing brand starts selling branded glasses…. A soft drink company starts selling sneakers,… A cellphone brand starts selling television…. A candy brand turns into popsicles… and so on . It is enough for the brand to be strong that it carries forward even products that have nothing to do with its initial focus of work.

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