Images That Sell

Have you ever heard the saying ‘’a picture is worth a thousand words?’’ Well, for advertisements this rings even more true, given that no one is willing to read a wall of text, especially if it’s on an ad…

What’s to be done, then, to sell your product, show your differential, talk about your qualities, etc., if no one is patient with advertisements in general?

The solution is to niche your target audience to reach those who might actually be interested in your product. These are the ones who will MAYBE go the extra mile and read the text… But better than that is to have impactful images and videos to attract attention, and thus increase the retention rate in your ad.

Today was the day to do that for Crimper, a top company in the market with 40 years of experience, which manufactures high quality connectors.

And in order to use more than words and show that the company does its job well, we went to their factory to photograph the making-of process.

This is meant to exemplify how images and videos make all the difference when selling your service, product or even personal image.

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