Bem Melhor Campaign – Porto Seguro

An example that constant advertising should be a part of every company’s mkt strategy. After we determine the action plan for each client’s campaign, we work on personalized pieces to each particular occasion and audience we want to reach. Therefore, in this instance, we see pieces aimed at couples, families, events, restaurants, real estate, security, life, automobiles, and other niches covered by Porto Seguro.

In addition to advertising campaigns, spontaneous media – in the form of interviews conducted on the web – was also provided to the client. These interviews’ weight and credibility became strong contributors to the brand’s overall image. Campaigning in various media formats is an important part of corporate communication, and it should be a key piece of day-to-day brand image building. Not advertising is the same as vanishing from the memory of the market, and whoever is not remembered, is also not chosen… Talk to our professionals and start working on your brand now!