Store Interior Design

Another MacNeeds Project for a complete interior remodeling of the Disk Games store. In addition to the game sales and rental areas, this strategy aims to create a playful and geek environment to attract and keep customers in the store as long as possible.
The furniture was elaborated with game motifs, such as a central Nintendo rug, where the buttons are poufs and the directional pad serves as the product showcase stand.

The project also has a retro sector with a giant Atari joystick serving as a bench, where customers can play old games from different brands, a sofa made from a sliced car, an armchair, a Mario Bros tube, wooden stairs made of blocks (which form a closet ‘hidden in plain sight’ inventory space) and decorations of pieces used in famous games.

In the center of the ceiling, a Millennium Falcon ship helps complete and adorn the empty space, while the iron gates on the store’s front are covered with Sonic and Minecraft themes.

An area was also added to sell related products, which, despite not being games, are aimed to the same demographics as the store.

The reception was decorated with a ‘’coffee’’ theme, where we moved the complimentary coffee and water machines for the customers. In addition to high chairs, DiskAfé will feature typical snack windows, where, instead of food, miniatures and action figures will be on display for sale.

For the walls of the cafe, we created paintings, as if pieces of famous characters from games had come to life and had been captured on the spot.

For the game testing area, we exchanged the TV for a big screen, which will be the main attraction, bringing visual movement to the store.

And for the technical assistance area we used the laboratory theme, where ‘infected’ video games are kept in quarantine displays and the main character is the robot MO, from the movie Wall-e – who is fanatical about decontamination….

To increase the feeling of depth in the room (which is narrow) we created stickers for the walls that show spaceship corridors, thus taking away the feeling of a small room.

The facade is part of another project, which we designed to be graffitied by the artist Nenão. He already made one of the walls but we plan to also do the others.
This is a feature that avoids the action of taggers, since they tend to respect the work of a graffiti artist.

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