Created the Bandeira Branca brand

A network of gas stations that will change the market is arriving in Brazil.
MacNeeds advertising, together with our client Dinâmica TRR, created the BANDEIRA BRANCA brand.
Now, being a “white flag” station will take on a new meaning.
What used to mean “brandless station” will now be associated with the BANDEIRA BRANCA brand.
The term also has connections with peace, and comes to propose a truce in the price war that is the fuel market.
But how will that be done? The network has its own distributor, which allows it to control purchase negotiations with several refineries, thus bringing more attractive prices to consumers.



It is known that, in fact, fuel prices are much lower than those seen at the pumps, and many
rates and circumstances cause them to rise to unacceptable levels.
Our brand, therefore, hopes to bring a new rhythm to the market and fairer prices ​​for the population, which is held hostage by the
major current players.
Check out the brand created and the project for the stations that will soon begin to be implemented.