Legal Marketing

Today, many lawyers don’t realize the importance of Legal Marketing in building their firm’s identity. Failing to view a law firm as a business – whose purpose is to sell legal services – is to fail to give proper attention to branding and client relationship matters.
Just like large global companies, such as Coca-Cola, marketing in law is a fundamental part of taking the product or service directly to the client. In addition to that, it is necessary to be different from others, since the role of branding is to characterize its product as unique.
The big problem in the marketing strategies of law firms nowadays is their visual homogenization. The overwhelming majority of websites and other social media posts share the same visual language: gavels, scales, statues of Lady Justice. The point is not that using these symbols is wrong: the point is that it becomes impossible to distinguish one office from the other when they all use the same standard of visual language to communicate.

It is therefore necessary to establish a distinct personality for your own firm.
It is important to note that legal marketing is not just advertising, although it is sometimes wrongly characterized as such. The construction of a firm’s identity ranges from the design of its website to the formatting of business cards, with the goal of standing out from others and making a good first impression on the client. Therefore, these resources do not turn the profession or its professionals less serious or sober; they simply contribute to a more well-established presence in the market.
The effectiveness of the marketing methods used could be seen strongly in the recent pandemic situation caused by the Coronavirus: suddenly without face-to-face access to consumers, all that was left for offices were digital services. This way, potential customers only had what existed digitally as reference, and if, when looking at a particular firm, they did not find images that induced their interest, they are unlikely to choose it.
In short, legal marketing comes to enhance the scope of offices that use it, by creating media pieces used to better establish them in the market. Its competence goes far beyond the simple creation of advertisements, encompassing all the processes of building a distinct visual character for each establishment. MacNeeds Propaganda, having worked with more than 20 law firms, specializes in digital legal marketing. It also counts on the consultancy of lawyer, writer, speaker and specialist in Legal Marketing Marcelo Martins Borges.
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