MacNeeds Advertising 28 Years

Today we’re completing 28 years on the road.

There were many bumps along the road, and the troubles weren’t small… As Christ said: No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service (Luke 9:62).
That’s why today we are not going to talk about the detours, nor the storms we are facing (as are most companies in Brazil), but we are going to take the opportunity to highlight some of the companies that have marked our journey so far.

We had several offices during these 28 years, and each one had its importance, its time.
Therefore, we have divided the highlights by ”checkpoints”. We present the MacNeeds logbook – route 2022:


1994 – The first headquarters – São Quirino – Campinas
This is where it all began. Knocking from door to door and offering our services… The customers who first opened the doors to us were Rede de Supermercados Soares, Galeria Flamboyant, Tag Service – authorized Bosch, Rede Beira Rio, Clube Fonte São Paulo – among others.

1998 – Av. Nossa Senhora de Fátima Headquarters
Here, for the first time, we had an open front to the street. A lot of people came through here and made history. It would be impossible to note everything down. 100%video, Natus, Café Cancun, Boticário, Klimes and even names like Dermoclínica and Itapegrass that remain with us to this day are some of the brands we’d like to highlight here.

2004 – Av. Brazil Headquarters
Here, we’ve gotten to know names like Marcia Mello, Camila Dutra, Polo Arqdec, One Day Clinic, Shoulder, Lauzi and other great brands and awards. We expanded so much that we had to find a bigger place. It was a whirlwind…

2007 – Castelo Headquarters
The expansion brought in a phenomenal team, and helped attract brands such as Riachuelo, Claro, NET, Pfizer, Casp, Selectapet, Adere, Cia das Ervas, as well as many awards.

2011 to 2022
Here in the Taquaral region of Campinas, brands such as Joe & Leos, Nilcatex, Prime Italian, Ponte Preta, Nikkei, For Rental, Ceasa, Crimper, Mimi and the international Florida Crushers, BR store, KA Personal, TBA New York, and many others joined us.

Even after all ups and downs, various governments, crises, and a pandemic, the Lord has preserved us. We still intend to contribute a lot to each fellow entrepreneur who comes to travel with us.

We are grateful for all of you!