Mercado de Flores hits 20,000 followers

We have just helped our client, Mercado de Flores CEASA Campinas, reach 20 thousand followers.

The brand already holds a record for searches on Google Maps and receives over 1 million visits per year.

Two years ago, MacNeeds began working on building a social media presence and forming a community of followers for our client. During the initial stages, we worked on revamping their image, creating content, and hosting giveaways to promote the brand. Today, we have reached 20,000 followers and have become a reference for CEASA as a whole.

Our commitment to this work extends itself to the client’s website, which offers courses in gardening, floral arrangement, and floristry, as well as a constantly updated catalog of the list of vendors on the market.

Instagram has become the main tool for plant enthusiasts to stay up-to-date with everything happening at Mercado de Flores CEASA Campinas, the largest permanent flower market in Latin America. MacNeeds thanks everyone for their support!