Legal Marketing

Today, many lawyers don’t realize the importance of Legal Marketing in building their firm’s identity. Failing to view a law firm as a business – whose […]

Created the Bandeira Branca brand

A network of gas stations that will change the market is arriving in Brazil. MacNeeds advertising, together with our client Dinâmica TRR, created the BANDEIRA BRANCA […]

Portfolios for Lawyers

As much as the world is digitized, some things must be printed. This is the case with hiring law firms. For large companies that will need […]

Store Interior Design

Another MacNeeds Project for a complete interior remodeling of the Disk Games store. In addition to the game sales and rental areas, this strategy aims to […]

Calcula-Festa® by MacNeeds

A new tool that will make your customers’ lives much easier and help you sell much more! Elaborating strategies to boost sales is as essential as […]

DMS Family Unit Project

MacNeeds graphic design and interior design for the new DMS Family unit. Another market trend that differentiates the MacNeeds customer from other competitors. By creating a […]

Bem Melhor Campaign – Porto Seguro

An example that constant advertising should be a part of every company’s mkt strategy. After we determine the action plan for each client’s campaign, we work […]

Action for All Countries

In 2021 we held the first live online course of CIMU – Multidisciplinary Uro-oncology Intensive Course. In its first edition, the course was offered in two […]

Good restart!

Two years of pandemic, confusion, and restrictions took everyone by surprise. Many did not resist, and we saw several companies cease to exist. Others reinvented themselves […]