22 de January de 2021

MacNeeds advertisement produces video training for doctors

With the presentation by Dr. Sandra Tagliolatto, MacNeeds produced the training video for Ensofill’s Fotoage product to teach doctors how to use the mask and its […]
21 de December de 2020

MacNeeds creates the CIMU brand

MacNeeds creates the brand of the course CIMU – Intensive Multidisciplinary Course on Oncological Urology – UNICAMP / Extecamp / Uro Hominis. Under the direction of […]
7 de December de 2020

Santo Limão

The creation of a new business requires many steps, from the idea to the structure, from the raw material to the final product, points of sale, […]
1 de December de 2020

Thanksgiving Tatysserie Florida

MacNeeds Advertising creates a Thanksgiving video for North American Thanksgiving. Client Tatysserie Florida wanted to thank the entire market for the support and encouragement it has […]
10 de November de 2020

Macneeds creates for VAS Advocacy

MacNeeds creates the new VAS Advocacia logo, including objects for office decoration. Now through 3D modeling and printing it is possible to bring to life the […]
29 de October de 2020

Personal Brand Management

Personal Brand Management Personal branding is the management of the brand/image of a person, positioning them in a way to explain what they have to offer, […]
5 de October de 2020

Another American company is born at MacNeeds

Another American brand is born at MacNeeds advertising. The company is called LayKellay and will bring to the United State’s market trending products from various segments […]
17 de August de 2020

Toyota Deerfield Beach

MacNeeds propaganda welcomes yet another international customer, this time with creations made for Toyota Deerfield Beach – Florida. Again, distances have become irrelevant in conquering new […]
3 de August de 2020

MacNeeds Advertising uses customer testimonials in Tatysserie campaign

MacNeeds advertising makes a collection of testimonials and praise from consumers of the client Tatysserie for dissemination.The brand that operates in the United States with homemade […]