Calcula-Festa® by MacNeeds

A new tool that will make your customers’ lives much easier and help you sell much more! Elaborating strategies to boost sales is as essential as […]

DMS Family Unit Project

MacNeeds graphic design and interior design for the new DMS Family unit. Another market trend that differentiates the MacNeeds customer from other competitors. By creating a […]

Bem Melhor Campaign – Porto Seguro

An example that constant advertising should be a part of every company’s mkt strategy. After we determine the action plan for each client’s campaign, we work […]

Action for All Countries

In 2021 we held the first live online course of CIMU – Multidisciplinary Uro-oncology Intensive Course. In its first edition, the course was offered in two […]

Good restart!

Two years of pandemic, confusion, and restrictions took everyone by surprise. Many did not resist, and we saw several companies cease to exist. Others reinvented themselves […]

Images That Sell

Have you ever heard the saying ‘’a picture is worth a thousand words?’’ Well, for advertisements this rings even more true, given that no one is […]

Brand Value

What we know as brand equity is this intangible differentiating effect, which gives a competitive advantage and makes users prefer your product over others. By themselves, […]

Social Media for Business

It’s no mystery that social media has become the new way for companies to communicate with their followers. Each post has the potential to reach thousands […]

Brand Creation: Frutificado

The creation of a brand is a task that sometimes has purely static and objective goals, but often has a much deeper personal meaning. For the […]