Action for All Countries

In 2021 we held the first live online course of CIMU – Multidisciplinary Uro-oncology Intensive Course. In its first edition, the course was offered in two […]

Good restart!

Two years of pandemic, confusion, and restrictions took everyone by surprise. Many did not resist, and we saw several companies cease to exist. Others reinvented themselves […]

Images That Sell

Have you ever heard the saying ‘’a picture is worth a thousand words?’’ Well, for advertisements this rings even more true, given that no one is […]

Brand Value

What we know as brand equity is this intangible differentiating effect, which gives a competitive advantage and makes users prefer your product over others. By themselves, […]

Social Media for Business

It’s no mystery that social media has become the new way for companies to communicate with their followers. Each post has the potential to reach thousands […]

Brand Creation: Frutificado

The creation of a brand is a task that sometimes has purely static and objective goals, but often has a much deeper personal meaning. For the […]

October is the month of MacNeeds Propaganda birthday

We officially started on October 10, 1994, without imagining how far we would go and everything we would go through. Since then there have been challenges […]


When MacNeeds Advertising creates a brand, we do so based upon a premise: what would that brand be like if it were a person? What would […]

Lecture with Mac-Lizard

Despite how funny the following situation was, we all took it as a lesson: one afternoon, our lights came on and attracted a large audience of […]

Ponte Preta Family of Mascots

MacNeeds Advertising is the agency that created the Ponte Preta mascots. The family consists of the famous ‘’Macaca da ponte’’, the Gorilla, and their two children. […]

Nilcatex Endomarketing Action

Endomarketing is a marketing strategy directed to your internal audience, your company’s team. For many brands, this care is responsible for retaining talent and for a […]

Wrong choice of name for a company or product can be fatal

Today we bring you this article that demonstrates how choosing a bad name can affect your sales. WHEN YOU THINK OF DARK sandwich-like cookies with a […]