Natus Alimentos Naturais

Client since 1998.

Creates of the house, the illustrious Vanderley and Nilson are highly esteemed entrepreneurs of the agency. They are tons of products produced annually and that supply chains such as Carrefour, Pão de Açúcar, Atacadão, and others. One of our oldest customers and friends.

DRS Consulting

Partner since 1999.

From the 100% VIDEO Network to the present day, Professor, Consultant, and Entrepreneur Daniel Rodrigues has always stood out for his seriousness and market expertise. NLP partner and franchise specialist.


Client since 2000.

Born and raised at MacNeeds, Dermoclínica grows every year with consistency, improvement, and seriousness. Committed professionals and very high spirits make Dermoclínica an environment of trust and welcome to all customers.


Client since 2002

30 years in the market make the Strog & Noff family success in the city. Whim and dedication have been going on for 3 generations and it only gets better and better. With constant improvement and one delight after another, the company serves in the restaurant, in companies, events, weddings, and delivery with excellence.

Everton Gardezan

Client since 2002

We are keen to highlight here this incredible marketing professional. He started at MacNeeds, grew in his career, and ended up becoming a customer! Today an excellent Marketing Director with experience in giants like Farmabase and Casp.

Clínica Camila Dutra

Client since 2004

A very successful case at the agency, the Clinic of Fabiano Dutra and Camila Dutra has already carried out literally hundreds of campaigns. An important partner in our journey as a professional, friendly, and brothers!

Grupo Fernandes Cury

Client since 2004

Brand creators such as Companhia das Ervas, Collecta, and Bendito Fruto, the Cury family have been conquering the country with high-quality products and have our support and constant support!

Grupo Américo

Client since 2009

With 2 mall operations, 3 food trucks, events, and a team of gastronomy professionals, the Américo family is home silver! Always on the move and very aware of market trends, they are a source of great learning for us.

Grupo Nikkei

Client since 2010.

With 12 stores and a board of directors that never stands still, the chain of building materials stores is a tool for social transformation and moves the market of 5 cities in the RMC and will achieve much more!

Prime Italian / Armazém

Client since 2012.

Popstation partner and friend, Gilson Oliveira is an expert administrator in the field of gastronomy. At the agency with the launch of houses like Prime Italian and Armazém Cambuí Gastropub. When he's in the middle, wait for success next!

Ponte Preta

Client since 2015.

Who knows falls in love with Ponte Preta and we know. A group of professionals committed to sports, citizenship, social, fans, and the city. AAPP goes far beyond the fields and that is why it is a true love affair of the city of Campinas and thousands of fans.

Cetara / iAprend

Client since 2015.

Pâmela Ponce arrived with an idea and left with a partner. Businesswoman and promoter of female entrepreneurship, she already has iAprendi in Campinas, Ribeirão Preto and Sumaré in less than 2 years of opening. What is good goes well!