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The Association of Building Material Merchants

It’s a private, non-profit organization whose activities foster the construction market throughout the country.

• Spotting golden opportunities for the industry;
• Forging strategic partnerships and commercial collaborations;
• Taking part in the most important national Trade Fairs;
• Orchestrating PR activities, promotions, trainings, and gatherings, strengthening ties with the business community;
• Establishing agreements and expanding sector development;
• Providing legal, medical, and business assistance;
• Throwing festive seasonal events, fostering camaraderie among peers;
• Facilitating communication between industry and commerce to strike major deals in the sector;
• Igniting regional events, aiming to promote, empower, and unify the industry;
• Engaging in charitable endeavors.

And those are just a few of the moves executed by Acomac. For those in the know, this is a pivotal organization, born in 1977, responsible even for negotiating benefits with government agencies.

MacNeeds has been a loyal companion across different administrations, showcasing some examples of this hard-hitting, finely-targeted endomarketing effort that often goes unnoticed by the general public.

Workshops and Lectures

We’re all about building connections, bridging the gap between stores and industries, and creating a thriving network of business opportunities. It’s a synergy that fuels growth, empowering and equipping our members with the skills they need to stay ahead. Time, dedication, and meticulous planning are our secret ingredients. This is a different kind of work, one that doesn’t hit the streets or dominate the mainstream media channels. Yet, it’s the lifeblood of our association, the driving force behind its success.

For the members, it’s all about reaping the benefits of belonging, being the first in line to unlock the advantages that come with membership. They’re our top-tier clientele, and these initiatives are the cornerstone of their empowerment.

Suppliers, on the other hand, find in the association a vibrant hub of business, a gateway to a vast array of stores waiting to showcase their products.


They’re all about spreading the word, organizing excursions, extending invitations, and securing a prominent presence at the industry’s grandest fairs. Staying on the pulse of the latest sector trends, relentlessly seeking new companies, products, and benefits for the members and partners.

The association’s anniversaries are the perfect occasion to celebrate the year’s triumphs and pay tribute to the very best in each category. It’s a time of joy and festivity, where bonds are strengthened. The Acomac celebrations are nothing short of spectacular, featuring dazzling awards ceremonies, electrifying performances, glamorous gala dinners, and jaw-dropping prize giveaways.

But it’s not all about the party… it’s about fortifying the brand!


A project that takes literal months and months to come to fruition. The Acomac magazine brings you the industry’s top stories, highlights the year’s accomplishments by the management team, and showcases their partners and supporters.

It’s a piece that marries the creativity of MacNeeds’ graphic design expertise with the journalistic prowess of our partners at NewsLink.

This magazine represents a year’s worth of the association’s history, materializing all the planning that takes place during the group’s leadership transition. It’s the most tangible way to demonstrate to the members and partners where their support has been invested and the impactful initiatives undertaken for the benefit of all participants!

Charitable Events

Putting social action into motion.

Not every client takes a break from their busy lives to lend a helping hand to those in vulnerable situations. That’s why we proudly document the impactful work we’ve done for Acomac in the realm of various social initiatives, including events, fundraisers, and support for charities.

Concept Store

MacNeeds was involved in the project of the first Acomac concept store. It is a mini-store where partners and suppliers can showcase their new releases for promotion among the associated retailers who frequently visit the location to attend events, lectures, dinners, social gatherings, and other association meetings.

It was an unprecedented idea that was inaugurated in grand style with the presence of the Acomac founder!

Acomac Campinas
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