30 de junho de 2023
New Edition of the DMS Burnier Network’s Comic Book
After the success of the first edition, the new iteration of the DMS Burnier Comic Book by MacNeeds is soon […]
20 de março de 2023
Customer loyalty and how it relates to the market
In an increasingly polluted and competitive market, it becomes more and more difficult to compete. If your differentiator is only […]
8 de março de 2023
Mercado de Flores hits 20,000 followers
We have just helped our client, Mercado de Flores CEASA Campinas, reach 20 thousand followers. The brand already holds a […]
24 de fevereiro de 2023
Where does your company come from?
Hundreds of companies have come and gone through here. Many no longer exist. Many remain strong and steadfast! This may […]
11 de janeiro de 2023
A MacNeeds client grows 275% in 12 months!
For Rental construction equipments opens 7 new stores. A record-breaking growth that tends to get stronger by the day! A […]
23 de novembro de 2022
Happy Holidays!
December is rolling along… It seems that it all went by so fast, and we’re already back to happy holidays […]
10 de outubro de 2022
MacNeeds Advertising 28 Years
Today we’re completing 28 years on the road. There were many bumps along the road, and the troubles weren’t small… […]
22 de agosto de 2022
The benefits of programmatic media
  Programmatic advertising is using automated technology to buy media (the process of buying advertising space), as opposed to traditional […]
20 de julho de 2022
Aeroglobo is launching its first magazine, by MacNeeds advertising!
The company, based in Botucatu-SP, provides agricultural operators with aircraft, courses for AirTractor pilots, and aeronautical insurance. Moreover, with more […]
14 de junho de 2022
Legal Marketing
Today, many lawyers don’t realize the importance of Legal Marketing in building their firm’s identity. Failing to view a law […]
12 de maio de 2022
Created the Bandeira Branca brand
A network of gas stations that will change the market is arriving in Brazil. MacNeeds advertising, together with our client […]
4 de abril de 2022
Portfolios for Lawyers
As much as the world is digitized, some things must be printed. This is the case with hiring law firms. […]