Creative problem-solving

since 1994.

30 years of experience in advertising enables us to make more accurate decisions for our clients.

We seamlessly integrate with your team to address all your communication needs on a daily basis.

This proximity is reflected in the success stories of countless businesses that were born and have flourished with us for decades!

The comprehensive creation of your company’s personality in the market!

Creative and impactful pieces that don’t lose focus on sales.

Strategic planning of your sales actions and image reinforcement.

Building your presence on social media and strengthening the relationship with your audience.

It's not just about selling. Well-crafted brands have the power to change lives,

create jobs, and shake up the market across different industries.

MacNeeds Advertising

The team behind MacNeeds' renowned efficiency:

Dany MacNeed

Creative Direction

Felipe Sartori

Graphic Designer

Henrique S.

Writer/International Dep.

Gabriela M.

Social Media Specialist

Simone A.


Gislene Moura



WINA - Los Angeles

Category: Radio spot and guerrilla marketing.

Recall Award

Category: Graphic project and packaging design.

Top Rac Award

Category: Print campaign and company of the year.

Fest Digital & Fest Graf Award

Category: Web action and special print.

Mídia Fest Award

Category: Outdoor media and radio spot.

Recall & Staff Award

Category: Web action and advertiser of the year.

Clients' Evaluations

An outstanding advertising agency, particularly skilled in developing projects for law firms. In Brazil, there are only a few agencies truly equipped to excel in this field. An inevitable recommendation.

Marcelo Martins Borges

I've been working with MacNeeds since the inception of my company, for the creation of our logo, mascot design, advertisements, and more. They've always been incredibly creative, delivering excellent quality and providing great support. Truly one of the best advertising agencies out there. Highly recommended!

Diogenes Luis Faustino

Dany was the mastermind behind the creation of the three brands we proudly carry in our family: Santo Limão, Repete o Que eu Disse, and Lisiane Coach. I want to express my admiration for MacNeeds; you guys are incredible and unbeatable!

Lisiane Garcia