Case Mercado de Flores

The Largest in Latin America!

MacNeeds serves the largest permanent market for plants and ornamental flowers in Latin America. It’s both a challenge and an honor.

With an area of 30,000 square meters and over 360 vendors, the market offers a wide variety of products for landscaping, decoration, and floral art, with over 20 years of history.

Our work spans across more than 60 municipalities, making the Mercado de Flores Ceasa Campinas one of the key hubs in the industry.

As an agency, our mission is to organize, promote, build a community of followers, and keep the region informed about market activities.

Social Media

After winning the competition for the account, we were faced with the challenge of overcoming a threat: a new plant trading hub emerging to try and take away both customers and shopkeepers, enticing them to different locations.

After analyzing the competitor’s advantages and disadvantages, we assembled a task force to reach people through social media, which is widely used by the target audience, strengthening the relationship and empathy of the Mercado de Flores Ceasa Campinas with its visitors.

What once had almost no digital presence is now the most relevant media for the organization!


In addition to boosting communication and effectively promoting the client’s products, we developed a schedule of activities that attract the public to the location. These include courses, lectures, giveaways, promotions, festivals, thematic decorations to make visitors’ experience more playful and enjoyable, Instagrammable panels for photos, and actions that start on social media and culminate in customers’ in-person visits, among many others.

Thinking about ways to attract the public to your sales environment goes beyond a simple advertisement, and this case is a strong example of that. It’s a proven effort, evidenced by the 8,000+ reviews of the location on Google and the thousands of photos organically posted by the customers themselves!

Mercado de Flores
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