Case Camila Dutra Clinic

Implanting a major brand!

The year was 2004 when the administrator of a newly established dental clinic knocked on our door. But this guy was different. He had vision. He knew that promoting his services was essential to attract clients and boost the clinic. And not just as a temporary measure, but as an integral part of the business, as necessary as the water and electricity bills. That’s how important advertising would be for them.

It was like combining fire with gasoline because that’s what we also think around here. We often encounter all sorts of desperate people who have never taken any action in their lives, and when the competition takes a slice of their market share, they come to us to try to make up for the losses.

That’s why the Camila Dutra case is special. Fabiano and Camila Dutra were just starting out, but they could already see far ahead. Even with very little resources, just a tiny 4×5 cm ad in a local magazine, they kept nurturing the brand, investing, maintaining consistency, and climbing one step at a time.

Patient by patient, tooth by tooth, campaign after campaign, we built a brand that became the regional reference in modern dentistry.


Dentists don’t promote discounts, don’t display prices, and don’t engage in those types of actions. What we do is generate brand recall, credibility, trust, and empathy with the market.

We aim to eliminate the clients’ fear, both the fear of pain and the fear of expenses. The modern dentistry of Camila Dutra Clinic has invested in technology for comfort, hospitality, and precision in treatments. We have transformed the experience of going to the dentist into something much more peaceful and enjoyable. That’s the approach we’ve taken in this case, which is still active today, marking 20 years of the brand’s presence, a partnership that has remained with MacNeeds since the beginning.

Watch the institutional video we created to establish a connection with professionals. You won’t see a needle, nor a person with their mouth wide open in the dental chair. Instead, you’ll see the people behind the masks and how much they love what they do.



Voted as the Best Dentist in Campinas and the Best Dental Clinic, Dr. Camila Dutra received the “Cidade de Campinas” award for her services to dentistry in 2013.

• Brands of Success Award – most remembered brand in the “Dental Clinic” category.
• “Victorious Brands” Award from the Diário Campineiro newspaper.
• Merit Diploma from the Municipal Chamber of Campinas for outstanding services rendered.
• Chosen as one of the 100 most influential women in Campinas for three consecutive years and elected one of the 90 most important personalities in the entire Metropolitan Region of Campinas.


Efficient and creative advertising is on us. We bring the clients to your company. But from there on, it’s up to you!

Providing excellent service, delivering high-quality treatments, offering exceptional customer care, and providing amenities such as coffee, Wi-Fi, TVs, workstations for those who need to work, a comfortable and pleasant environment, pleasant scents, ambient music, and cleanliness are all part of captivating the patients.

And this task is well executed! In fact, the demand became so overwhelming that the client had to expand to a new headquarters, taking a step further by incorporating a physiotherapist, on-site digital X-ray services, professionals from various specialties, a dedicated kids’ section, computerized anesthesia, Carl Zeiss equipment, digital photography for monitoring and 3D mapping for prosthetic modeling.

It’s not just about marketing: it’s the investment in all areas that complements the work we do here.

Camila Dutra Clinic
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